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As the modern trend is constantly growing, a series of high-end office projects, apartments, villas and townhouses are becoming the most sought after place for investors and consumers. In addition to ensuring the quality requirements of the building, from materials to labor, they must be carefully selected during the construction process to ensure a finished product that is safe for users, aesthetics. Investors are also interested in, from completed projects to unfinished projects, which are refurbished, added extremely unique and unique coat to serve millions of consumers.

Grasping those trends, PerfecteDESIGN has always strived to improve creativity, improve quality, meticulousness in design and construction to bring customers the standard products. , safe and most modern.

Kavin Mac As a Design Director, who graduated in Architecture at University Of Technology Sydney 2011, graduated in Interior Design at RMIT University in 2003, with over 15 years of experience. Year of implementation in major projects oversea, PerfecteDESIGN will always update and catch up the design styles of countries around the globe to apply to products, meet the needs of customers.

The parallel of architects and construction team has extensive experience in residential projects, shopping centers, Shopping Mall, restaurants and foreign projects in Singapore, Sydney, Macao …

PerfecteDESIGN promises to bring customers the leading products and catch up with the times.

Please refer to some projects designed by PerfecteDESIGN:

The perfect combination of sofa, wood and color draft creates a lively space between the room, the decorative drop lights diverse, in harmony with the overall color in the space. (Dreamplex Vietnam Project)

Corridor area does not need to be too bright, just a few spotlight create a highlight for the space. (Dreamplex Vietnam Project)

A harmonious overall picture between two bright and dark colors creates an extremely luxurious space, colors and materials help the space warmer. (Vinhomes Central Park Project)

The Western European style combines the iron-like decoration in the studio, and the chandelier uses a hemp rope to hang above the working table, making the space a lively and classic feel, creating more inspiration for the user. (DBC Office project)

No need for too many colors, just a few spotlights are enough to create a highlight for the object that needs in space. (Miss Ao Dai Project)


More of the following projects are worthy of reference:

In addition, depending on the needs and purposes, PerfecteDESIGN always understands customers to fully meet all factors from color, feng shui to green to harmonize the space for homeowners, especially in business. -> See more projects at: Project

If you are wondering about a desired construction and interior design unit, do not hesitate and contact PerfecteDESIGN.

PerfecteDESIGN’s mission is always to satisfy clients, the experts team are always engaged, interacted and operated in parallel to create products that are completely in design. But the quality is always guarantee